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Recruitment Thread

Recruitment Thread

Welcome to Yakuza,

Yakuza was first created by Aoishe in Fiesta Online, merging with other alliance legions. Yakuza then moved to Aion for a while recruitting others that played the same gameplay. Now Yakuza waits for TERA Online: The Exiled Realm, we hope you will join us to!

We are a casual legion that PvP's and PvE's. As a growing legion we are always looking for more family members to join our ranks! There is no age limit though a sense of maturity when dealing with concerned issues.

  • Please keep in mind that Real life situations are more important, we understand if you have issues to attend to, just please notify an admin.

We are looking for active players!

Warning: If you not online for a period of time you will be BANNED. Unless personal issues apply please contact a Legion Admin.

The Basics: Just an overview of rules and expectations. Please keep in mind that as a Legion we are still growing to new levels! Overtime expectations will be updated as the game TERA comes up or more problems occur regarding issues.

General Rules

  • Be Repectful
  • Be Mature, of course as a casual legion we do like to fool around A LOT. But please bare in mind that when time be needed please be mature about the situation at hand.
  • No Drama, please keep the drama atleast to the bare minimum. Please do not let it effect your game play or others.

Legion Events

  • Attendance is not mandatory, however we would be happy to have you join the Event provided you are online at the time. Legion Events will be posted beforehand so if you are not on at the time the informaton will be on here.

World Bosses or Game Events

  • Respect all participants
  • No training
  • Legion mates come first
  • Do not reset the Boss


  • You are required to have vent. It doesn't matter if you have a mic or not, you MUST have and use vent.

If you're interested in joining please send in your application! Click here to apply! Application

We are more then a Legion, we are a family! We hope to see you among us next, Have a wonderful time with us,

- Darious