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The Earthbound is a community oriented world pvp guild that has hosted world pvp events, server events/parties, and has even worked cross faction to help build it's server. It was the youngest guild to win WoW Insider's Guild of the Month at less than 5 month old during the first months of the Catacylsm expansion.

The guild's socialization section is one of its defining features. It outlines the guild's skeletal structure from game to game, outlining important information such as the promoting and demoting of officers, drama resolution, and the forming of sub guilds (internal guild organizations that range from raid teams to short-term excursions into new games).

Unlike most guilds, The Earthbound does not spam for members in game- all recruitment is done in game through personal conversations or if approached. Also unlike other guilds, the application is the final step in joining the guild. Potential members must first be interviewed, then can join the guild as an "initiate," allowing the player to experience guild life, but without access to many of the guild tools. It also allows them to find a sponsor, a full member who feels the initiate would make a good addition to the guild. The entire process helps ensure higher than average quality and a low level of drama (not no drama, since all guilds will experience drama at one point or another).

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