Fake Wings

Guild Emblem.

Fake Wings.==

Name: Fake Wings

Leader: Saki

Type: Roleplayers only guild. If you do not RP, or don't intend to RP, we do not want you, sorry.

Server: Celestial Hills (ofcourse)

Fake wings is a guild for the mature, but easy going roleplayer. What I mean by that is that you are a dedicated RP'er, but you also value idle OOC chatter in guild chat, and just being in a nice community. The guild is structured like a guild, it's not a warband, clan, faction nor company. As a guild, it takes requests for jobs from the authorities, aswell as private customers. The jobs can be anything, from picking flowers in a far of mountain, to attacking big monsters en masse. (See what I did there?) There are also guild quests, and based on how many guild quests you've completed, your character and your level, you can rise in the ranks of the guild. The main goal is to create a nice "home" for your characters, meeting others and fighting or relaxing together, once we get a guild hall I aim to have it as a social hub for our characters IC.

We are looking for friendly people, both OOC and IC. People who love creating drama, or like to play [filtered] characters can just keep walking. That being said, character flaws are welcome. If your character is pridefull, a little rough around the edges, awkward around others or anything similar, that is fine as long as they are "good" deep down.

If you want an interview, just message me on "Saki" or send her a mail, and we can set up a meeting.

In character Description:

Fake Wings was created by Saki, as a place for adventurers and the like to call home. Through Fake Wings, it's members can get new missions or tasks, find friends and allies and progress through the ranks of the guild.

Fake wings is a nod back to how Castanics, Saki's race, were Devas before they decided to shun the gods, and joined the Valkion Coalition. Though she is Castanic herself, she wants people from all races to join and spend time together, in an effort to create a colorfull and strong community.