Guild Vision:


The vision we have for Chronic Insanity is ambitious, but nontheless, this is what we strive for:

  • We want a Guild in which members say: "I'm proud to be in Chronic Insanity"
    * We want to be a top PvP legion in all areas
    * We want to be feared, but not hated
    * We want to be social
    * We want to have fun!!

To make this vision come true, we all need to share some basic values and follow a few simple rules:
Keep the legion strong, fun and social:
* The Guild always comes first
When you form a group for pve or pvp, always try to invite guild members before taking in people from the outside.

  • The guildchat is no-trade channel
    We don't want you to write stuff like "WTS <Something> 2 Million". But do try to offer useful mat's at a reasonable price (or even for free if you can afford it) to guild members, before selling them to the outside.
  • Keep it civil
    We know that a bit of teasing and flaming is normal in guild chat, but we don't want anynody bullied all the time.
  • Let us know
    If you have any problems or questions you can always inform/ask any of the Officers We will help you!

Build up a good reputation of the legion:
* Don't flame other players
This applies both in game and on public boards. You could target people we are allied with.

  • Don't gank low levels on purpose.

Be active:
* Be active in game
If you are going to be away for more than a couple of days, it is your responsibility to be curteous and let us know.

  • Be active on the boards
    Check these boards on a regular basis and use them. As a minimmum, make sure you read all important posts.
  • Pariticpate!
    Show all that you want to be part of this community by participating in legion meetings and other scheduled events. Let us know on beforehand if you cannot attend.
  • Use ventrillo
    Being on ventrilo is now a requirement. If you're ingame, you're on ventrilo. We have afk/music channels, etc., if you wish to go "AFK" and not be active, but we can still reach you if needed.

Final note:
We want you all to have fun, play together and enjoy your time in the guild. and of course, we want to be the best!!!!!
Best regards,
Chornic Insanity

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