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Aurora Troupe Guild


Cinji Hito




PVE and PVP Servers

90 Members Max

Current Members 4

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Addition Information


North America


-5:00 Eastern Standard Time


English, Japanese



Recruitment Thread

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Greetings to you all. I am the guild leader of the group known as the Aurora Troupe Guild. Our main headquarters in located in the pictures above. Below you will see various activities and projects currently going on in our guild. As your host is it a pleasure to enjoy your company.

Aurora Troupe's Goal

This guild's main focus will the the collection and understanding of Tera's rare, secret, and dangerous items. This could range from the common misspelling in the text of an item to a full blown hacked item. Keep in mind, we do not endorse the use of hacked features or the exploitation of them. Glitches, strange phenomena, and rare items.
That is the goal of this guild.

The Aurora Troupe Directive
Rules to live by while in the guild!

Be yourself!
From Slaughtering innocents to helping every one that passes you on your adventure. We don't discriminate.

Believe in the unknown.
Tera is different from other MMO's. There are things that just can't be explained in the virtual world.

Respect the guild.
When you respect the guild you prove that we are more than just a group of players uncaring in others affairs. You don't have to respect each other, but you must respect the laws passed down by the guild. Failure to do so will result in an unlikely demise. The last and most important requirement:

You must have a name.

After many years of dealing with names like Harry55632 and Falter98, I find using numbers in your name very disrespectful. As such, having a name without numbers is strongly unadvised. Please take the time to create a truly unique name for yourself. On the forums I don't mind, however when you are in game, you are you. So ask yourself, are you a number? You are allowed to be active and non-active in Aurora.


Slideshow Gallery

In the Slideshow Gallery you can see the various pictures taken through the CPE event. Over 1300!!!

Tera Online Teaser Video - By Ice2jafar

Considering making another one.


Member Section:
Cinji: Human Archer/Mystic
Cinji's Friend: Castanic Slayer
Colopatiron: Lancer
Nemoric: High-Elf Mystic/Archer


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Player: Cinji Hito

Current Events

Cinji Hito

During the Community Play Event was awarded the title of "Cat Wrangler" by En Masse for successfully bringing players together for a group screenshot.


Has yet to discuss recent activities...


Has yet to discuss recent activities...

Cinji's Friend

Is currently working on a secret project with Cinji based around the world of Tera.

TERA ScreenShot 20110404 011509

Player: Cinji's Friend

Popular Threads Started started by the Aurora Troupe Members:

Cinji Hito

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Tera Online Dojinshi: A fanmade story yet to be drawn

The Future of Gaming: A discussion on the direction of developing games


A discussion on the best prices for building a gaming rig



Cinji's Friend


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