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"We are Blood and Fire, War on Wings. Beyond the distand road, like the wind, we are everywhere. Woe to the one who pains an Amazon. For Hades truly hath no Furie like a woman scorned."

Established early 2008. We are a unique themed community of gamers, who enjoy playing female characters. Created in the spirit of neutrality, unified teamwork and comradeship, our primary goal is to give kindred souls a good home. Amazonians are fierce and determined. We have a great mix of well rounded, fun and active gamers from all over the world.

Avid gamers who would fit in well with us would be the following:

  • Any level is accepted as long as you play regularly several nights per week
  • Gamers who enjoy PvP & PvE content (male avatars/players allowed)
  • Mature and friendly people who can be civil on voice chat and respectful in game
  • Gamers who understand game mechanics and their roles (but yet are willing to help teach others)
  • People who engage others and love being a part of a community that is supportive and helpful
  • Lastly, people who know that being in a good community means more than gear

What you would get:

  • Mumble voice server for your use
  • Established community and active website
  • Support and help to be the very best
  • Play in a relaxed environment
  • All the above

Here are the steps to become Amazonian:

Step One: Visit our website and agree to our Code of Honor at

Step Two: Once approved, download Mumble, our voice server so you can chat with us and get an invite into the guild. Post a introduction on our forums.